Company Reward Plans

A real game changer

Blooming business? Great! Let your employees participate in the company's success!

The CORE plan is a stock option plan on the company's own capital. It is a Company Reward (CORE) plan.

Stock options give beneficiaries the right (not the obligation) to buy an underlying share at a predefined price (strike price) for a certain period of time. These options give employees the right to buy company shares.

The principle is exactly the same as for a bonus plan, but the underlying value is the company's shares. And this makes a huge difference of course. Employees play a major part in the company's success. This solution truly allows to share the added value of the company.


Optiniti has developed a unique flow for implementation


Employee presentations? Q&A sessions? Platform support? Our Optiniti Team is happy to assist!


No worries about communications and brochures. We provide templates ready to use.


Reportings will be made available. During the blocking period, Optiniti will provide simulations so you know what to expect.

Tax optimization for beneficiaries

Beneficiaries participate in the growth of the company

True retention tool for employers

The company does not need to be listed on the stock exchange to offer stock options to its employees

The company decides which employees will be granted stock options

Tax-friendly solution

Even more interesting remuneration solution in comparison to classic Opti plans

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